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Described by the ancient Indian scriptures as the communion of individual soul (Jivatman) with the Universal soul or God (Paramatman), 'Yoga' the ancient Indian discipline is highly relevant in the modern day context.

With tension and stress becoming a part of our daily life, 'Yoga' enables us to achieve self-realisation in a systematic manner. By helping the union of the body with the mind and the mind with the soul, it creates the ultimate symphony of life. Different forms of yoga i.e - Hatha yoga, Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Janan yoga, Mantra yoga and Kriya yoga- provide the finest system of education and bring out our best.

Self - realisation is the ultimate goal of human existence and we search for a medium to achieve it. Yogic exercises or Asanas provide us with a healthy body which in turn acts as a perfect medium.

These asanas are not just physical exercises. The body positions during different asanas act as a bridge that unites the human body and mind with the soul.

Thus Yoga, with the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life.

It draws out the best in a person and provides the finest system of education.Yoga is also used as a performing art (Kala), and as a science (Shastra) because it is experimental, and filled with the finest and most elegant techniques for moulding the body and the mind.

 It is also philosophy (Darshana) as it leads the way towards perfect physical health and purity of mind; its ultimate goal is emancipation, freedom, and beatitude (Moksha).