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India and its neighbours constitute unique subcontinent though it is in the tropics, it differs in climate from all the other countries in this belt. India is rich in wildlife and every state in the indian union has a sanctuary which projects the special animals of the area.

As we are based in the Garhwal region we have the specialisation of organizing wildlife tours to the famous sancturies situated in this area namely-Chilla & Jim Corbett National Park.

Wild life Tours : Jim Corbett National Park
Day 1 Rishikesh
High Point- Temple/Ghats/Gangas
Day 2 Rishikesh-Garjaria (Ram Nagar)
High Point- Resort in which you will be staying in a village theme resort.
Day 3 Garjaria (Resort)
High Point Jungle walk and talk with the naturalist who will inform you about the various things related to the National Park.
Day 4 Garjaria -National Park-Garjaria
High Point Wild life safari an either an elephant or Jeep.
Day 5 Garjaria -National Park-Garjaria
High Point- Activities/Leisure
Wild life safari an either an elephant or Jeep.
Day 6  Garjaria
High Point Walk in the jungle for bird watching with the Naturalist.
Day 7 Garjaria-Rishikesh
Trace your steps back
Day 8  Rishikesh & Outbound.