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Shivpuri, the river rafting capital of India, also known as the Macca for rafters. Its a dream place for exciting opportunities for the water sports lover. The beautiful sight of river Ganga has attracted the adventure to the challenging sports of Rafting. Sotreat yourself to the dream holidays of river vacations or wilderness adventure. Shivpuri offers an immense opportunity for the white water rafting in Ganges with its flowing and forming water throw up to a challenge that no rafter on this earth can look away from.

The entire world hails India, as the repository of the greatest range of treasures nature has to offer. And it does so with good reason. For this ancient land of ours rules supreme in the boundless variety of natural features and phenomena. The magnificence of white water is yet another facet of India's natural treasures. A vast number of white water sources exist, many explored and some yet virgin. The mighty Himalayas give rise to some of India's greatest rivers. At various phases of their journey, they race over rugged boulder beds, carving deep gorges and erupting in magnificent silver rapids.


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Test the time and blast off 1 N/2 D
Rock the raft and glide with pride 2N/3D
Warm culture & hot Paddling.
White Water Rafting and Beach Camp


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