How can I safely ship my sale during the COVID-19 crisis? Last updated Apr 9, 2020

Tradesy’s shipping kits are a safe and easy way to ship from home without any social contact. Simply use the included packaging and prepaid shipping label, and leave for USPS to pick up from your front door or outgoing mailbox. 


Here’s how shipping kits work:

  • When you create your listing, choose Tradesy Shipping Kit in the shipping section before publishing your item.

Shipping Kit Options in listing form

  • When your item sells, we’ll send a kit to your address on file. The cost of a shipping kit is added to the price of your item and is paid for by the buyer. 


  • Shipping kits include packaging fit for your item along with a prepaid label with insurance and tracking — so you can skip the post office and ship while social distancing.  


  • When your item is packaged and labeled, simply give it to your USPS mail carrier from a safe distance or leave it in the outgoing mail drop at your home or apartment building. When your package is scanned, Tradesy will automatically begin updating tracking as it makes its way to the buyer. Remember, insurance is already included, so you can ship from home with peace of mind knowing you’ll be covered.

Is it safe to handle the kits that I receive?

The facility that ships our kits and our shipping carrier, USPS, are both taking very seriously. USPS has stated that per the CDC, the WHO, and the Surgeon General, there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is being spread through the mail.

How do I update an existing listing to use a shipping kit?

You can change your shipping method on any item not sold yet (including unfinished drafts). From your closet page, scroll down to find the item and click on the photo or title. On the next screen, select Edit at the top — on the Android app, click the red circular icon button in the bottom right corner to choose the Edit option.





iOS App: Edit Listing Button  



Android App: Edit Listing Button  

Can I switch to a kit after my item has sold?

If your item has already sold and you would like to switch your shipping method to a kit, please email to request.

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