Experience the power of ancient Indian Ayurvedic panchkarma. The Panchkarma Therapies here provides rejuvenation, purification and healing. Special Herbal oil Massages soothe tired and strained nerves, improves blood circulation, digestive power and vital physiological functions of the body.

In this therapy whole with special ayurvedic oils. It tones the body, improves circulation, restore energy and provides relaxation.

Medicated Oil/decoction/milk is continuously poured on the forehead of the patient lying in a supine position from a vessel hung eight inches above the forehead. This theory induces vasodilation in the brain, nourishes the nervous system.

Patra Swedan
This therapy uses cotton pouches filled with different herbs soaked in oil or decoction to massage the body. Good for soreness-stiffness in the body, good for circulation and joint or muscular pain also.

How Ayurveda Works
The modern world is in search of natural and alternative systems of medicine, and Ayurveda is the best option available. According to Ayurveda buman body is delicately balanced with tbree natural bumors forces : Vata (Air), Pitha (Fire) and Kapha (Water). Today's lifestyle breaks up this equilibrium of body leading to illness. Ayurveda, using herbal medicines, eliminates toxic impurities of the body, helps regain immunity and recharge the body and mind to make you feel emergetic.

SHALOM "The Real Taste of Ayurvedic Massages
Kerela Ayurvedic Massages and Treatments

Charges and duration for per sitting

Messages & Treatments Time Charges
Abhyangam with Steam 1 Hour Rs 1,000/-
Aroma Massage with Steam 1 Hour Rs 1,200/-
Marma Massage with Steam 1 Hour Rs 1,200/-
Cream Massage with Steam 1 Hour Rs 1,200/-
Chocolate Massage with Steam 1 Hour Rs 1,500/-
Face Massage 30 Min Rs 700/-
Foot Massage 30 Min Rs 700/-
Head Massage 20 Min Rs 500/-
Shirodhara with Oil 40 Min Rs 1,500/-
Shirodhara with Oil 1 Hour Rs 2,000/-
Shirodhara with Butter Milk [Takradhara ] 40 Min Rs 1,200/-
Nasyam Nose Treatment 30 Min Rs 300/-
Akshya Tarpan Eyes Treatment 40 Min Rs 500/-
Kati Vasthi Back Treatment 40 Min Rs 500/-
Janu Vasthi Knee Treatment 40 Min Rs 500/-
Ghira Vasthi for Cervical 40 Min Rs 500/-
Karna Purna Ear Treatment 20 Min Rs 200/-
Patra Potti for Joint Pain 1 Hour Rs 1000/-